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When it comes to tile roof PV installations, there is no other flashing system I trust more than the Outlast Solar Flashings.
-Pago, Hawaii Solar

This system is better & helps to keep our cost down because there is no need to remove tiles & re-roof, in turn saving us time & money.
-Mike, Hunt Brothers Roofing

I believe that Outlast Solar has the best procedure for installation. Easier, cleaner & more cost effective than other brands available today.
-Mike, Hunt Brothers Roofing

I have always preferred lead roof flashings for tile installs. I have been using Santa Rosa Lead flashings for 10 years, I am glad to see them come out with a product so specifically designed for PV installations. With hundreds of penetrations flashed I have never experienced a single failure or leak.
-Steve, Bonterra Solar

I like that the hanger bolt is included in the kit, it is one less thing I have to remember to pick up for a job. The Outlast bolt system with the EDPM seal is superior to others I have used.
-Steve, Bonterra Solar

I use this flashing because I know it will last longer than anything else I could put on a roof.
-Bill, Roof Tile Specialty

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