About Outlast Solar Flashings

Outlast Solar Flashings are manufactured by Santa Rosa Lead Products, a company serving the building industry for over 40 years! Santa Rosa has a solid reputation & is well trusted by everyone in the Roofing, Plumbing & Radiation Shielding industries in California, Hawaii & throughout the west. All Santa Rosa Lead Products, including Outlast Solar Flashings, are manufactured in the USA!

The Outlast Solar Flashings were developed with the roofer/installer in mind through in-depth research involving the input from many PV installation specialists. We reached out directly to installers that have been doing PV installations in Hawaii’s booming solar market for years and asked them to help us design a solar flashing that would fit their exact needs. The result is Outlast Solar Flashings!

Outlast is the easiest to install & most cost-effective solar mounting solution for tile-roof installations. Made of 100% recycled & recyclable material they are also LEED qualified.

Outlast solar flashings will Outlast the life of your roof!